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Our Commitment

Thanks to a very dedicated and highly motivated team, our group dealing mostly with Pharmaceutical, Para-Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices whether wholesale or retail has positioned itself among the fastest growing group in the segment. Regular surveys, assessment of patient requests; sometimes on case-to-case basis, and various concise meetings with stakeholders have enabled us to provide high quality medications at reasonable prices in a timely basis. The group’s continuous self-assessment has always concluded that we have always room for improvement, hence justifying our Motto…..“Redefining Healthcare solutions”

Since our Inception, the groups have supported various NGO’s in different field of operation, vulnerable families and have granted several assistances to enable poorer families continuing schooling for their children. Most recently, the group has set up a team that has enable patients who cannot travel for their appointments in their treating countries due to Covid-19 restrictions to have access to their medications in Mauritius. Our innovative, friendly, and problem-solving approaches have given to us the image of a preferred supplier among various stakeholders.

Today, more than 10% of the population visits our retail pharmacies and we are proud of our commitment to the patients and other stakeholders is that we will continue to work towards redefining healthcare hence giving access to more modern and suitable medications to all.

Address: Morc. Traffic Centre – Saint-Pierre, Republic of Mauritius

Tel: (230) 433 9545 / 433 7540 /

434 0444

Fax: (230) 433 9646 / 434 3201

Email: info@nullhyperpharm.mu


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