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Nitin Ramlugon: “We go the extra mile to help our customers”

Nitin Ramlugon, HSBC

HSBC Mauritius has dedicated Home Loan Specialists accompanying home loan customers easing the full process. The institution Head of Wealth and Personal Banking provides more details on the bank’s services.


Obtaining a home loan from a bank can sometimes be an obstacle race. How does HSBC facilitate the customer journey?

Indeed, the customer journey can be long and quite complex.  However, it is also a great opportunity for an enhanced lifestyle as well as building wealth. At HSBC, we provide support to our customers from day one and throughout that journey to get it right. We have dedicated Home Loan Specialists accompanying home loan customers easing the full process, including registration, valuation and post disbursement requirements.

What are the services offered to those who take a home loan from your bank?

We finance individual construction projects, renovation of existing houses, purchase of residential properties and re-mortgage or refinancing of existing loans from other institutions.  We also assist in terms of services such as notary, professional surveyor and including very soon, filing application for government grants.

In an increasingly competitive industry, how do you manage to differentiate your offer from that of your competitors?

Historically HSBC has leveraged competitive rates for our home loan putting customers interest at the heart of the way we do business. We are well aware that customers may need extra cash flow at early stages of their mortgage and accordingly our latest offer incorporates a lower rate for first year with an optional moratorium feature. We go the extra mile to help our customers integrate their home mortgages into life’s bigger picture providing them with greater flexibility.

What are the strengths of HSBC home loan as compared to other players in the market?

 Our exclusive fortnightly loan repayment option enables our customers to repay their home loan sooner as we acknowledge evolving financial and funding needs occurring in customer life cycle stages for other projects and/or subsequent residence.

We also offer a single, low and transparent processing fee with flexibility for early repayments as we acknowledge different customer needs such as part or full loan settlement before schedule.

We also do provide freedom of choice to customers regarding insurance covers to secure home loans.

Have you noticed an increase in demand for home loans? Do you think the crisis has had an effect on demand?

After the second Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, the demand for home loan has subsequently picked up as the market resumed with a more normal trend of activities- individual housing projects, previously put on hold, are now back on track as well as there has been an increase in real estate offers across the country, providing even more opportunities to invest.

Also, the recently introduced government Home Ownership Scheme and Home Loan Scheme are also expected to further boost the housing sector in Mauritius.

Enabling our customers to take advantage of this budgetary measure, we are pleased to extend our latest home loan offer till 30 September 2021. Our offer has been carefully designed to help customers make great savings on their loan repayment either for purchase of fully built property or refinancing of existing home loan.

At HSBC, tomorrow is built today. We provide for our customers’ long term needs allowing them to achieve their lifelong plans and believe in succeeding only by taking the long term view.