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Polytechnics Mauritius

Polytechnics Mauritius

POLYTECHNICS MAURITIUS LTD (PML) is a body corporate established under the aegis of the Ministry of Education, Tertiary Education and Science and Technology with the objective of running training programs to serve the emerging needs of Mauritius for a qualified and skilled human resource at mid-professional level. Programs provided by PML are dynamic and customized to the needs of the world of work.

Subsequent budgets of the government and the vision 2030, emphasis has been laid on developing Mauritius into a high skill-high Income economy.

Polytechnics Mauritius adopts a demand-centric approach to analyzing what skill sets are most in need yet unmet or under served. In this age of massification of education, overqualifications and supply side skilling can exacerbate youth unemployment. Across the areas where we are active, we endeavor to make a difference, particularly in new and emerging sectors.

Polytechnics Mauritius has four campuses:

  • The Reduit campus focuses on educating students for the demand of the IT & Emerging
  • The Pamplemousses campus focuses on the Health Sciences and Nursing as well as
  • The Montagne Blanche campus focuses on the Tourism & Hospitality sector.
  • The upcoming campus in Rodrigues will focus on IT, Logistics and Creative Arts.

Address: Réduit, Moka
Tel: 460 07 05
Email: ceo@nullpoly.ac.mu


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