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Mauritius Qualifications Authority


Valued Qualifications for Employability & Lifelong Learning.

To continuously enhance good practices & relevant expertise to safeguard public interest in quality education & training.

1. To develop, implement and maintain a National Qualifications Framework;
2. To ensure compliance with provisions for registration and accreditation in the Mauritius Qualifications Authority Act;
3. To ensure that standards and registered qualifications are internationally comparable.

• Development of Unit Standards and Qualifications on the National Qualifications Framework;
• Registration of Training Institutions;
• Accreditation of award courses;
• Grant recognition and/or establish equivalence of qualifications in the Technical and Vocational Education and Training sector;
• Recognize and validate competencies for purposes of certification obtained outside the formal education and training systems;
• Establish and maintain learning accounts and databases for Technical and Vocational Education & Training (TVET) sector.

Chairperson, MQA Board
Mr Rajnarain GUTTEE

Director, MQA
Dr Robin Krishnaduth PHOOLCHUND

Address: Mauritius Qualifications Authority
Pont Fer, Phoenix, 73544
Tel: (230) 686 1400 – Fax: (230) 686 1441
Email: office@nullmqa.mu
Website: www.mqa.mu


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