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Université des Mascareignes


The Université des Mascareignes (UDM) is a young University, with a strong proven partnership with the Université de Limoges (France). This joint venture permeates at different levels, whether it be at pedagogical, research, governance or administrative levels. Although only incepted as a University in 2012, the UDM is increasingly distinguishing itself in the Higher Education landscape.

Its specificity is based on three major elements: the dual degrees with the Université de Limoges on most of its programmes, a bilingual approach (English and French), and a close link with the job sector, which contributes
to strong employability of the UdM graduates.

Well anchored in its territory, it is a socially responsible university that intends to contribute to the economic, cultural and social development of the island and its population by offering training and research in areas connected
with development strategy of Mauritius. This is achieved through international academic or research partnerships and projects with foreign universities, focused on specificities of the Indian Ocean islands.

The UDM has initiated many innovative projects in Africa like the Digital Humanities Centre and Smart and Sustainable Campus. They are the first of their kinds in Mauritius.

Last year (2019), UDM started its first Masters courses, Masters in Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Development and Masters in Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, which are run for the first time in Mauritius. This year, two new Masters courses will be launched: Masters in Civil Engineering with specialization in Structures and Public Works
and Masters in Sustainable Development.

Directeur général, CSK
Dr Radhakhrishna Somanah
Address: Rose-Hill Campus, avenue
de la Concorde, Roches Brunes
Tel: 460 9500, Email: udmcrh@nulludm.ac.mu
Website: www.udm.ac.mu
Adresse: Swami Dayanand Campus,
Beau Plan, Pamplemousses
Tél. : 260 4500 – Email: udmcpam@nulludm.ac.mu


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