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Directory of Agro Industry 2023 : UDC – Universal Development Corporation (Pty) Ltd


34, Epingle Street, Mont Roches 71405, Beau Bassin – Republic of Mauritius Tel : (230) 466 0888 • Fax: (230) 467 9858 Email: udc@nullintnet.mu • Website: www.udc-ltd.com

UDC is a family business which has been in the agricultural sector for more than 50 years.

It has been the pioneer in selling bird nets and shade cloth, followed by Maize Seeds.

Its aim is to provide solutions for the grower to reduce the use of dangerous chemicals. (Weed Mat & Insect Netting).

UDC believes in sustainable agriculture.

Its products help to protect the crops from the harsh climatic conditions. (Windbreak & shade Cloth).

UDC is certain that reforestation is a way to reinstate carbon into our soils. (Grow Bags)

Birds and Bats should be ample & flying freely, so it advises to cover fruit trees (Bird Nets).

UDC supplies high quality material with high levels of UV treatment to last.

Once the product ended its life cycle, UDC suggests to recycle or reuse its products which are easily & 100% recyclable.

UDC innovates and invests in order to face competition. This is why its team is constantly looking for new products and techniques.

UDC has always been a solution-finder for its long-time partners whether its farmers, horticulturists, nursery gardeners, aquaculturists.

UDC products can thus be adapted to everybody whether it be professionals or individuals.

Managing Director : Henri Philippe Le Vieux

Owner : Louis Philippe Le Vieux