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Velogic : Ten offices in India


Logistics has a major role to play in facilitating this special and unique relationship since we ensure that there is a constant movement of goods within supply chains. Apart from traditional commodities, with the major infrastructural projects being implemented, logistics has a more important role to play and with respect to same, with Velogic’s presence in India since 2006, they act as trade facilitator, which benefits the exports from both countries. Presently, Velogic has ten offices which cover the major cities in India and this figure is more likely to grow further as they expand their network within India.

“Furthermore, Velogic is affiliated to world-class project cargo networks and has been contributing to logistics of landmark projects in Mauritius, namely the Metro Express projects, the new cancer hospital and social housing units – for which it has set up a dedicated project team. In both countries, our teams work in close relationship with trade associations and subsequently, we were able to actively facilitate the movement of pharmaceutical products and vaccines during the lockdown periods,” explains Neerish Chooramun, Corporate Manager – Marketing & Communication at Velogic.

Neerish Chooramun adds that their customer offering embraces an extensive range of services including freight forwarding, customs clearing, domestic transport and warehousing, amongst others. Moreover, Velogic has set up dedicated CECPA desks in both Mauritius and India to assist exporters from both countries.

“By virtue of our Mauritius-India presence, we are able to search and introduce traders to relevant partners in India. With these CECPA desks, we facilitate our customers’ efforts in looking for potential Indian or Mauritian buyers based on the specific items being exported. The active physical presence in both geographies, coupled with our experienced personnel, makes it a possibility to monitor supply chains from pickup, storage, drop off and delivery of goods. Customers also benefit from a Purchase Order Management system which enables them to track their own order numbers within their supply chain, hence decreasing the administrative burden.”

Moreover, as a Mauritian brand, Velogic is present in both India and on the African continent – Kenya to be more precise. They aim at providing the tech-driven expertise which can catalyse and drive trade and investment further across India and Africa. Not later than in July 2022, Velogic collaborated with the India Africa Entrepreneurship Forum for the second India-Africa Entrepreneurship and Investment Summit held in Nairobi.


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