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The Directory of the Local Industry : YUGO LIMITED


Director : Kaushik Rathod Co-Founder & Managing

Co-Founder & Director Operations : Evanee Rathod

INCORPORATED on the 14th of December 2017, Yugo is the fi rst native mobile application digitally connecting users to transport service providers in Mauritius.

Founded by Kaushik and Evanee Rathod in December 2017, Yugo connects its users to a network of reliable taxis and car rentals.
For the Founders, it was vital that the App responds to the prevailing transport rules and regulations, as well as the local culture. The UI/UX design had to resonate with the users and stakeholders, so that Yugo carves a place in the local lifestyle.

Through its innovative features, hailing a ride on Yugo is fast, easy, and effi cient.
Booking and paying a Yugo Ride is a fully digital process, fl uid, and in real-time.
Before Yugo, the island sorely lagged in terms of mobility apps. At the time, taking a taxi meant walking to a taxi stand, lengthy fare negotiations and unfair pricing, lack of cashless payment solutions and no security.

Taxis on Yugo are duly registered with the local regulator to ensure a reliable service and sustain an inclusive economic model. Yugo is proudly labeled “Made in Moris”. The label works alongside the brand to promote Mauritian businesses. In that spirit, Yugo collaborates with local startups to help the ecosystem grow together.

Norms & Standards & labels: Trademarked Made in Moris

List of products ‘Made in Moris’: Yugo – Mobile Application

Yugo Limited

Phone: +230 260 2626

Email: hello@nullyugo.mu

Website: www.yugo.mu


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