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Strategy for development of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors in Mauritius


Honourable Alan Ganoo, Minister of Land Transport and Light Rail, Minister of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration, and International Trade, receives a feasibility study conducted by Africa RISE from Vincent Degert, the EU’s Ambassador to Mauritius, at the country’s ninth political dialogue on November 14, 2022.


Africa RISE’s team coordinated and supported a market analysis, legislative review and a skills gap analysis aiming to deliver a proposal for Mauritius to become a leading regional hub for bio-pharmaceutical research and manufacturing.

The report highlighted three steppingstones:

  • increasing African and exchanges,
  • leveraging on high level diaspora expertise and,
  • incentives for attracting international researchers.

The research by Africa RISE created a list of the essential success elements to aid in the growth of Mauritius’ pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries through the construction of the Mauritius Institute of Biotechnology. These include the consolidation of regulations and administrative processes, as well as the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices and a one-stop shop to advance the sector. It also underlined the need for higher diplomatic efforts to secure markets, investments, and training. Additionally, the paper mentions establishing up to 7 Centers of Excellence and utilizing the connections and skills that the Mauritian Diaspora may offer.



  • Biological Drugs, Biosimilars, Including Vaccines, Hormones, Antibodies, Cell and gene technology products
  • Therapeutics, Generics, and novel formulations
  • New medical devices manufacture (Invasive & Non-Invasive) Dermo cosmetics, Medical Aesthetics
  • Nutraceuticals and products incorporating food technologies
  • Oceanic Research Products


  • Mauritius Non-Communicable Diseases Centre of Excellence (NCDE):
  • Exploratory Drug Development Centre (EDDC)
  • Pre-clinical Research services/studies with Investigational Medicinal Products (IMPs) including long term toxicology studies
  • Phase II and Phase III Clinical Trial Studies

Promotion of Mauritius as a hub for global or regional pharmaceutical administrative headquarters and/or distribution.


Dr. Ricardo Godinez Moreno, the lead consultant and pharmaceutical/ biotechnology industry expert, Dr. Mitra Dave Gunput, the expert for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, Dr. Mitra Boolell, the expert on regulatory aspects of the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sector, Mrs. Madhevi Nilamber Ghoorah, the expert on the Mauritian pharmaceutical and biotechnology ecosystem, and Mr. Akshay Bholee, the junior consultant for research and data analysis, authored the report under the oversight of Mrs. Manisha Dookhony, a key expert in economic and market reform for Africa RISE.


Africa RISE is a regional technical assistance facility, funded by the European Union, which supports inclusive and sustainable growth, job creation and decent work in 25 countries in Eastern Africa, Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean region.

The Facility promotes macro-economic policy and regulatory reform to create a business environment that encourages investment.

Africa RISE supports requests from a broad range of stakeholders for technical assistance aligned to the EU partnership with Africa on sustainable investments and jobs

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