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Market reaches new heights


The local stock market maintained its upward momentum during the week under review (22-29 September 2014) and saw theAll share index SEMDEX and the Total Return Index SEMTRI gaining 1.67% at the end of these days. The SEMDEX, the SEMTRI and the market capitalization reached new heights during the session of Monday 29th September 2014.

The All share index, SEMDEX, gained 35.38 points during the week and closed the session of Monday at its all-time high level of 2,154.58 points. The SEMTRI registered an important growth of 114.82 points in one week, closing the session of Monday 29th September 2014 at a new record level of 6,991.60 points. Since the start of 2014, the SEMDEX and the SEMTRI have grown by 2.81% and 4.76% respectively. The SEM-7 index, which comprises the seven largest and most liquid stocks, closed at 409.48 points. The market capitalisation stood at its highest level of Rs 236.90 billion at market close on Monday.

Total transactions during the week amounted to Rs 201.8 million. The top five trading securities were: State Bank of Mauritius Ltd (SBM), MCB Group Limited (MCBG), LUX Island Resorts Ltd, New Mauritius Hotels Ltd (NMHL) and Lottotech Ltd (LOTO). They were exchanged for a total value of Rs 49.63 million, Rs 44.2 million, Rs 14.0 million, Rs 13.0 million and Rs 11.6 million. The shares of SBM, MCBG, LUX, NMHL and LOTO closed at Rs 1.07, Rs 210.50, Rs 60.00, Rs 88.75 and Rs 11.75 on Monday 29th September 2014.

An analysis of the evolution of the prices of listed stocks indicates that out of the 49 stocks figuring on the Official List, 17 moved up during the week, 20 remained stable and 12 went down. The best performing stocks for the week were: ENL Land Ltd (+10%), LUX Island Resorts Ltd (+8.11%), State Bank of Mauritius Ltd (+3.88%), Innodis Ltd (+3.39%) and Alteo Ltd (+3.29%). The worst performers were: United Basalt Products Ltd (-4.76%), MCFI Ltd (-3.77%), Bramer Banking Corporation Ltd (-1.77%), United Docks Ltd (-1.43%) and Mauritian Eagle Insurance Co. Ltd (-1.28%).

The following data highlights the ten best performing stocks in terms of total return since the beginning of 2014.


Total Return (%) since beginning of 2014 as at 29th September 2014

Rockcastle Global Real Estate Company Ltd


LUX Island Resorts Ltd


Gamma-Civic Ltd


Mauritius Union Assurance Co. Ltd


Fincorp Investment Ltd


Promotion and Development Ltd


Innodis Ltd


National Investment Trust Ltd


Phoenix Beverages Ltd


Ireland Blyth Ltd


On the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM), at market close on Monday, the two indices, the DEMEX and the DEMTRI, closed at 201.55 points and 247.22 points respectively. Market capitalisation stood at Rs 50.06 billion. A total volume of 1.55 million shares for a total value of Rs 44.45 million has been traded during the week. The ten best performers in terms of total return since the beginning of 2014 are: Alma Investments Ltd, Medine Share Holding Ltd (O), Mauritius Freeport Development Co. Ltd, Ciel Textile Ltd, Black River Investment Co. Ltd, Livestock Feed Ltd, Hotelest Ltd, Ascencia Ltd, Anglo-Mauritius Assurance Society Ltd and Southern Cross Tourist Company Ltd. The total return varies from 13.03% to 132.81%.

On the international front, the financial markets ended the week on a negative note. For the week, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ Composite went down 0.35% and 0.34% respectively. In Europe, France CAC-40, Britain FTSE-100 and Germany DAX lost 1.08%, 1.83% and 2.66% respectively during the same time frame.


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