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Abiolabs Ltd is located at the Maeva Tower, Ebene Business Park and is the only laboratoryin Mauritius to be both ISO 17025 and ISO 15189 accredited.

In 2015, Abiolabs was created as a spin-off from Natec Medical, a world-renowned manufacturer of Percutaneous Interventional Medical Devices (PIDs).

Abiolabs offers specialized laboratory services and provides expert services in a wide range of areas, for example: Medical device analysis, Clean zone and Operation Theatre environment qualification, Mass metrology, Microbiology, and Medical and Genetic testing.

Abiolabs is also a distributor of medical tests and equipment.

Abiolabs delivers excellence in the medical field and today our laboraties applies its diverse expertise to a wide range of alternative industries.

We provide innovative, reliable, confidential and affordable services abiding to the highest
professional international standards.