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State Informatics Ltd


SIL has established itself as a pioneer in driving digital transformation initiatives for both public and private sector organizations in Mauritius and throughout Africa. Boasting over three decades of experience, SIL has successfully executed numerous major IT projects in over 15 countries across the continent. SIL specializes in providing tailor-made solutions for medium to large-sized enterprises, focusing on automating business processes and offering a range of solutions, including ERP (Financial with IFRS 9 Reporting & HR Management), cybersecurity, digital signature (SIL eSign), hybrid cloud, and, data management and compliance.

SIL eSign: Redefining Document Signing for the Digital Age

The SIL eSign Solution is a cutting-edge tool that revolutionizes the document signing process in the digital age. With efficient multi-document signing capabilities, users can sign multiple documents seamlessly, saving time and effort. The solution allows stakeholders to sign documents remotely from anywhere and from any device, eliminating geographical constraints and speeding up the signing process. Automated workflows further enhance productivity by streamlining document circulation and approval, reducing document turnaround time significantly.

The flexibility and convenience of the SIL eSign Solution cater to various use cases across different sectors. It can be utilized for financial transactions, policy applications, claims processing, loan and mortgage applications, customer authorizations, legal agreements, and contracts. By adopting SIL eSign Solution, organizations can elevate their operational efficiency and embrace the future of document signing, where convenience, speed, and security converge to redefine traditional signing processes.

SIL’s strategic approach to development ensures that its business solutions remain adaptable to evolving market needs and challenges, making SIL an indispensable partner for organizations seeking to navigate and thrive in an ever-changing digital landscape. By employing advanced technologies and reliable platforms, SIL guarantees that its solutions are at the cutting edge of innovation.


2, St. Georges Street, Port-Louis, Mauritius

Tel. : +230 207 8000

Email : marketing@nullsil.mu

Website: www.sil.mu