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The Rabindranath Tagore Institute was set up as a tribute to Nobel laureate, Rabindranath Tagore, in 2002 as a joint initiative of the governments of India and Mauritius. Situated at Ilot, D’Epinay, the RTI functions under the Director-General (MGI & RTI) and the MGI & RTI Council. It operates as a centre of studies for Indian Culture and Traditions and promotes Education, Research and Culture in general.

The RTI has the following Departments:
• Administration
• Creative and Media Arts
• Diaspora and Transnational Communities
• Finance Section
• Library
• Store Section
• Theatre and Performing Arts

A Degree course in BA (Hons) Film Production is run in collaboration with the University of Mauritius. Certificate Courses are run in Harmonium, Guitar, Ceramic and Pottery, Bhojpuri Folk Music, Folk Dance and Drama and Hobby courses are run in Ramayana Chanting, Yoga, Madhubani Paintings and Creative Embroidery & Weaving. The Advanced Certificate courses will be
run in the following disciplines: Bhojpuri Folk Music, Guitar, Drama and Harmonium.

The RTI houses a Permanent Tagore Gallery on the life and works of Tagore, a Public Library, an Art Gallery, a Lecture Theatre and an Auditorium for National and International activities.

• Students of the Degree Programme in Film Production are in Year I, II and III respectively.
• Certificate Courses in the above fields are also being run.

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