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SMBs benefit best from mature and simplified ERP solutions that are fast and easy to implement


Digital transformation fundamentally changes everything for businesses, from their internal processes to the ways they engage with customers. Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, a foundation to advance digital progression can help SMB to drive strategic change, productivity and profitability by integrating innovative technologies into their business – provided it is well-configured and rapidly implemented.

The choice of a trusted, expert ERP provider for a solution like SAP Business One is fundamental to success. Seidor Africa has had a longstanding partnership with SAP since and over the years has helped mature and simplify the software through its partnership with SAP and contribution to the SAP ecosystem. At the same time, Seidor itself has matured and simplified its offering providing strategic business consulting, system design, solution integration, and project implementation for clients, based not only on strong partnerships with every provider in the value chain, but also a vital partnership with the customer.

This partnership is key because whilst we have industry experience, we understand the landscape and we have an integral understanding of how SAP Business One software should be implemented, it is our human-to-human partnership that can be counted on to deliver ongoing ROI at every step of the way. Whilst we have developed the focus on locally relevant, market ready solutions that focus on business benefits, it is the customer’s participation and contribution to the implementation of the solution that ensures the longevity of success. Our longest standing client continues to work with us (after years) because human-to-human contact and partnership is core to our philosophy. We provide real-world support and understand customer industries and their pain-points.

A simplified, fast and easy to implement ERP solution is high in demand and our Express methodology which continues to evolve was specifically started to enable SMBs to enjoy the benefits of a world-class ERP system that addresses their most pressing business needs, whether they are in manufacturing, wholesale and  distribution, financial services or retail. With the majority of our ERP systems being deployed in the cloud, go-to-market speed is guaranteed and we’re constantly adapting to the dynamics of the environment.

One of the biggest benefits of working with a longstanding SAP partner is the lessons learnt from the many implementations concluded. This has allowed Seidor Africa to pre-configure systems much faster than less experienced solution providers. Dedicated sales, consulting, support and account management teams each have a narrow focus, creating areas of acute expertise and strong relationships of trust with the customer.

Being based on the African continent, we make sure that we can work with customers in many countries. Because of our business structure and highly experienced teams, we are able to quickly localise deployments in line with compliance, legal & fiscal, and language requirements and the tailored and affordable solution offerings, combined with agility & scalability keep clients across the continent happy.

A key consideration for SMBs considering an ERP solution is cost transparency. Buried costs for hardware and hosting in complicated quotes can be a big headache for the SMB owners so we have focused on comprehensive and complete offerings that are clear, avoid confusing tech jargon and also refer to the underlying infrastructure needed for a successful ERP system.

By way of example, with cloud implementations, cloud providers need to be reliable, and we need to work closely with them. Through trial and error, we have carefully chosen the best and most reliable cloud providers who can offer customers a solid underlying infrastructure for their ERP system. We’ve made our partnerships with infrastructure providers equally as important as the relationship with SAP and our clients.

As part of listening to client’s business needs and understanding what is needed for better business, we also offer ready-to-go business intelligence solutions for sales, inventory, procurement, finance, cash flow management and more, which provides immense insights value for the customer.

Seidor knows that making digital transformation simple, fast, and affordable is what gets SMBs successful and profitable in the shortest possible time. The answer is a rapid return on investment with a system that is scalable, dependable, and already best of breed.


About Seidor Africa

Seidor Africa is a leading SAP Business One Reseller in Africa and a top technology integrator.

With the use of technology, the company enables business to reduce costs, ensure your competitive edge, improve profitability and realise new opportunities.

The Seidor Group of companies has been taking care of the IT needs of both South Africa and Africa since 2005. The company offers everything from ERP Business Management Systems for SMBs and Enterprises, to Business Intelligence & Analytics, as well as Cloud, Security and Infrastructure.

The range of ‘best-practice’ solutions span all industries and Seidor Africa has a large geographical footprint, supporting over 400 customers across sub-Sahara Africa, with offices in South Africa; Zambia; Mauritius; Kenya & Tanzania.

Seidor Africa partners with clients that want to use technology to differentiate themselves.


Elaine Havenga

Group Marketing Manager







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