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Revamp Air Mauritius to actionable recovery

Mario Raymond Levantardd

“Vision leads viability and sustainability for success”

In this turbulence time, we recourse to collaboration, co-operation, and resilience:

  1. People acumens (Mindset, attitude, behaviour) for digital revolution
  2. Government to lead promptly 3. Board directors/management/government to construe relevancy

Attaining a structural approach

“Transformational leadership foresight collaboration and cooperation.”

We strengthen our recovery with:

  1. Togetherness for the organisation
  2. Leadership for management endeavour 3. Integration for viability and sustainability

Motto: Leadership underpins transformational organisation imperatives

Elements to set priorities

G.1 Government vitalises National Interest to benefit stakeholders

G.2 The Board empowers excellence for actionable initiatives

G.3 Employees build efficient Organisation’s prosperity

Phase 1: Survival – ascertain current status to reposition the future

– deal Financial with responsibility

– Induce a conducive plan with foresight

– Maintain composure for prominent venture

To set the pace

1.1 Leader focuses on core competencies

1.2 Employees consider overall considerations.

1.3 Organisation reviews for long term outcome

Phase 2: Turnaround strategy – Do the best in eliminating surpluses

– Get back on track

– Start transacting again

– Trade-off on Downsizing v/s Streamlining

 Elements to assert repositioning

2.1 Leader re-aligns business with long term sustainability

2.2 Employees focus on internal capabilities such as new skills

2.3 Management streamlines core competencies

Phase 3: Consolidate positioning

– Do more with streamline rationality

– Make it happen smoothly

– Journey with ease and determination – Trade-off of Cost driven and revenue driven

Elements to sustain the future

3.1 leader posters internal and external relationship

3.2 Employees focus an adaptable learning environment

3.3 Competency for adaptability, Flexibility and Visibility

Phase 4: Expand to Exploit Potentials

– Do more with less

– Get Dreams to come true

– Transcend in higher height – Strengthen our future

Elements to capitalise on human resource excellence:

4.1 leaders construe creativity and innovation in staying ahead

4.2 Employees focus on self-learning for organisational benefits/maturity

4.3 To transcend competencies, benchmarking and strategic leverage

Phase 5: Review Phase – to continuously repositioning as to:

− scoping further improvement?

− continuously deliver?

− on track for deliverables?

Elements to organisational excellence

5.1 Review, Re-assess, Re-align continuous improvement

5,2 Re-phasing business maturity and leverage

5.3 Re-assert pro-actively further paradigm shift

Synthesising business rationality

“A sense of purpose on contextual rationality will lead to excellence.”

At a time of emergency especially with the covid-19 that has accentuated a reduction in air travel, we are inspired by: 1. Einstein: “without changing our pattern of thoughts, we will not solve problems” 2. Mahatma Gandhi: “We must be the change that we wish to see in the world” 3. Nelson Mandela: “independent mind makes us see problems from all angles”

 From the above, I envision a recovery on these premises:

  1. Systematising to restore public confidence, good governance and business practices.
  2. Restructuring to reorganise, redesign and reshape a conducive transformation
  3. Rationalising to re-align context, uniqueness, positioning

Building a sustainable recovery

 “Our challenge is to enhance to ‘who we become.” In building a sustainable recovery, we should consider some of the essentials:

  1. Instruct an innovative portfolio of our capabilities and uniqueness
  2. W our reality within the impediments of the global world
  3. B sustainable through puts of where we inspire to be
  4. Account economic leverage to transcript social obligations
  5. Mandate our actions of the present in learning from the past
  6. Capitalise the real deal in miraging the reality of our context
  7. Intellectualise the link to our social integration and Interaction
  8. Metamorphose our culture and traditions to dictate our state of being

Concluding remarks

 “Help ourselves then God will lead our walk.”

We align national interest to service business and the community. We favour transport to the supply chain of business sector, and social segment. Government and management are accountable to redeem their best effort.

 Our challenge is to translate our decisive actions.” to conclude actionable undertaking:

  “Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.”

 Leonardo da Vinci