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MOSANTÉ : Business Mauritius Provident Association (BMPA)


The Mosanté health plan was designed by the Business Mauritius Provident Association (BMPA), a non-profit organisation set up in 1982 to serve the local business community by providing affordable and flexible health covers to companies so that their employees can have access to private healthcare. Currently, there are around 20, 000 members on the Mosanté health plan.

The BMPA’s primary mission is to provide lifetime care to Mosanté members, from babies to seniors, and contribute to their peace of mind. The Mosanté health plan is constantly innovating with unique and innovative product features to exceed the needs and expectations of members.

Over the past decade, BMPA has been committed to reinvesting its profits in value-added services, while continuously supporting Mosanté members in improving their health and well-being as well as ensuring that they have the best possible access to quality health care. Throughout the years, BMPA has successfully rolled out several digital tools such as the mobile app, Mosanté App, which includes the feature, Snap & Send for claims submission via mobile, the Online HR Portal and the Online Member Portal just to mention a few. Mosanté is available to all companies which are members of Business Mauritius.

40 Years of Existence: A Health Promotion Day

In collaboration with the Ministry of Health & Wellness

On Wednesday 10 May 2023, BMPA organised the first edition of its Health Promotion Day Series for Mosanté members, a joint initiative with the Ministry of Health and Wellness, to mark the 40th anniversary of the Business Mauritius Provident Association (BMPA). The Health Promotion Day was held at Business Mauritius, BM-MCCI Building, Ebène Cybercity and launched by Dr the Hon. Kailesh Kumar Singh Jagutpal, Minister of Health and Wellness who was also present on this occasion.

The event aimed at empowering members of the Mosanté health plan to take charge of their health in a proactive way. Various activities were offered during the Health Promotion Day, from free screening tests, consultations, counselling, and health education. The Ministry of Health and Wellness provided the BMPA with a whole array of healthresources and medical services such as:

  • Blood Donation Caravan
  • BMI, Blood Pressure and Glucose Tests
  • ECG Test
  • Vision Tests
  • Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening
  • Ayurvedic Treatment (Display & Counselling)
  • Nutritionist (Display & Counselling)

Health experts from various fields also shared their insights and tips to participants on how to enhance their health and well-being.The BMPA looks forward to organising many more Health Promotion Days in the future.

Name of President: Clément Cartier, President of BMPA

Address: Business Mauritius, BM-MCCI Building, Rue du Savoir, Ebène CyberCity

Tel. : 466 3600

Website: https://mosante.org/

Email: mosante@nullbusinessmauritius.org


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