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Planet Pharma, Planet Group of pharmacies : Evolution Of The Pharmaceutical Sector


The Pharma sector has been very dynamic for the past 10 years. Various new researches, new molecules, new methodologies, have led to new medications and treatment for various health diseases. Nowadays, Mauritius has over 10,000 pharmaceutical products on the market and most recently with the acceptance of the Indian Pharmacopeia, this number is set to consequently increase, which is an ideal situation for patients who in turn will benefit from a wider choice of generic substitutes and pricing. It is good to pinpoint that Mauritius is among the countries that have the most of new and advanced medications for patient care at reasonable prices. Currently, with the known Covid-19 pandemic, the availability of some drugs is being restricted for reasons of delayed sourcing of raw materials, scarcity of manpower due to restrictions being imposed on quarantines and other safety measures in various countries resulting in delayed manufacturing time which implies delayed delivery. However, the wide availability of substitutes in term of generics have enabled Mauritius to stand strong as at date, whether it is within the Private or Public Pharmaceutical market and hope it continues.

Address: Morc. Traffic Centre – Saint- Pierre, Republic of Mauritius

Tel: (230) 433 9545 / 433 7540 /

434 0444

Fax: (230) 433 9646 / 434 3201

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