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Education & Career : ENSA NANTES (MAURITIUS)


The ‘Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Nantes’ opened a branch in Mauritius in 2016 with an internationalisation ambition on the African continent and in the Indian Ocean. It is located on the campus of Uniciti Education Hub, Pierrefonds and offers courses in the fields of architecture and urban planning. The school is a pedagogical laboratory where experimentation and teaching are linked and welcomes a hundred students each year. Like ENSA Nantes, it fosters a dynamic environment for a rich and diverse student life.

ENSA Nantes (Mauritius) is committed to training highly qualified architects who are prepared to take on architectural and urban challenges in diverse contexts. It is committed to transmitting to students the best know-how, disciplinary and cross-cutting, in order to be able to address con­temporary challenges.

ENSA Nantes (Mauritius) offers the Bachelor and Master of Architecture & Urbanism courses. Both programmes are accredited by the Higher Education Com­mission (HEC).


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