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Stock Exchange

Market maintains upward momentum

Stock Exchange

The local stock market continued on its upward momentum during the week. The SEMDEX and the SEMTRI gained 0.58 and 0.67 percentage point respectively during the days under review (12th – 19th April 2021).

The total return index, SEMTRI, grew by 41.89 points, closing the session of Monday 19 April 2021 at 6,307.65 points. The SEMDEX ended the same session at 1,631.28 points. The SEM-10 Index, which comprises the ten largest and liquid stocks, closed at 301.85 points. At market close of Monday, the total market capitalization of the SEM-ASI constituents stood at Rs 292 billion.

Total transactions during the week amounted to Rs 98.9 million. The top five traded securities were: MCB Group Ltd (MCBG), IBL Ltd, CMDC, Phoenix Beverages Ltd and Alteo Ltd. They were exchanged for a total value of Rs 38.6 million, Rs 29.3 million, Rs 6 million, Rs 3.1 million and Rs 2.4 million respectively. The shares of MCB, IBL, CMDC, PBL and ALT closed at Rs 231.25, Rs 45.75, Rs 1,000.61, Rs 600.00 and Rs 20.70 on Monday 19 April 2021.

An analysis of the evolution of the prices of listed stocks indicates that out of the 65 stocks figuring on the Official List, 17 moved up during the week, 40 remained stable and 8 went down. The best performing stocks for the week were: Lux Island Resorts Ltd (+4.11%), MUA Ltd (+4%), ENL Ltd (+3.45%), Omnicane Ltd (+3.45%) and UBP Ltd (+1.91%). The worst performers were: GRIT Ltd (-14.06%), Medine Ltd (-7.77%), ICML Ltd (-4.17%), Caudan Development Ltd (-2.15%) and Sun Ltd (-0.77%).

On the Development & Enterprise Market (DEM), the DEMEX and the DEMTRI closed the week ending on Monday 19 April 2021 at 228.97 points and 338.60 points respectively. Total transactions on the DEM during the week amounted to Rs 4.9 million. Market capitalization of the DEM stood at Rs 48.26 billion. The ten best performers in terms of annualized total return are: Livestock Feed Ltd, Phoenix Investment Company Ltd, ABC Motors Ltd, United Bus Service Ltd, Associated Commercial Ltd, Swan Life Ltd, Les Moulins de la Concorde Ltée, Kolos Cement Ltd, The Bee Equity Partners Ltd and EUDCOS Ltée. The total return varies from 14.50% to 21.45%.

On the international front, the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the NASDAQ grew by 1.18% and 1.09% respectively during the week. In Europe, the FTSE-100, the CAC-40 and the DAX gained 1.50%, 1.91% and 1.48% respectively during the same time frame.

Companies Annualized Total Return since Listing (%)
MCB Group Limited 19.37
Vivo Energy Mauritius Ltd 19.07
MUA Ltd 17.57
United Basalt Products Ltd 16.10
Rogers & Co. Ltd 15.59
Phoenix Beverages Ltd 15.31
Mauritius Oil Refineries Ltd 15.27
Gamma-Civic Ltd 15.21
National Investment Trust Ltd 14.50
Swan General Ltd 13.95

The preceding data highlights the ten best performing stocks in terms of annualized total return since their listing on the stock exchange.


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